Couplings & Fittings


The 12-tooth green Barret coupling and the 18-tooth yellow Barret coupling are meticulously crafted components tailored for the petroleum industry, where the need for precise and dependable connections is paramount in safely handling and transferring fuels like petrol and diesel.

Their distinct colour-coding and tooth configuration serve as intuitive visual cues, enabling operators to swiftly discern and choose the correct coupling for the specific fuel being transported. Specifically, the 12-tooth green Barret coupling is designated for petrol, while the 18-tooth yellow Barret coupling is tailored for diesel applications.

Converters available from 18 – 12 and vice versa.


Types: A, B, C, D, E, F; DC & DP

Materials: Aluminium, Brass, Polypropylene & Stainless Steel

Sizes: ½” – 4” (Larger sizes available on request)

Break Away Coupler

Quick Connects



Gravity Drop Couplers

Bespoke End Couplers

Shanks Stainless Steel

Brass Foot Piece

Storz Coupler

Half/Safety Clamps

Sight Glass

Rubber Bellows

Hammer Lug Unions