Fuel Flex: Your Trusted Partner for Industrial Hose Solutions


Our team brings a wealth of specialized knowledge and industry experience to deliver top-tier solutions, ensuring the highest level of quality and reliability.

Quick Decision Making

We pride ourselves on our agile decision-making process, enabling us to respond swiftly to challenges and opportunities, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients.

International Experience

With a global perspective and a track record of success in international markets, we offer valuable insights and strategies that transcend borders, fostering growth and expansion.

State of the Art Testing Bay

Our cutting-edge testing bay is equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to rigorously assess and ensure the quality and performance of our products.

No Necessary Corporate Complexities

At Fuel Flex, we embrace a streamlined approach, eliminating unnecessary corporate red tape to provide you with straightforward and efficient solutions.

National and International Reach Within 24 Hours

We offer nationwide and global reach within a 24-hour window, providing you with rapid access to our services and expertise wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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The job was executed flawlessly

“I cannot express enough gratitude to Joe MacGillicuddy and his incredible team at Fuel Flex. We were facing a potential budget crisis due to the need for hose replacements, but their service team came to the rescue. They not only provided prompt and professional assistance but also recommended hose recertification as an efficient and cost-effective solution. Their expertise saved us a significant amount of money, and the job was executed flawlessly. We highly recommend Fuel Flex for their outstanding service and commitment to their customers.”

Owner of a fleet of of fuel trucks

These hoses have exceeded our expectations

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Joe MacGillicuddy and the team at Fuel Flex, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of their EN hoses. These hoses have exceeded our expectations in terms of durability and performance. We rely on them for critical industrial applications, and they have consistently delivered. Joe and his team’s dedication to providing top-notch products is truly commendable. If you’re looking for high-quality industrial hoses, Fuel Flex is the name you can trust.”

Fuel Depot Manager

EN Certified Manufacturing: Ensuring SANS 1518 Compliance

Fuel Flex is proud to be the sole EN Certified manufacturer in South Africa, guaranteeing compliance with SANS 1518 standards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our hoses meet the highest industry benchmarks, providing you with peace of mind and reliability.

State-of-the-Art Testing Bay: Precision Testing at Its Best

Our state-of-the-art testing bay is a testament to our dedication to quality. With the capability to test hoses ranging from ¼ inch to 12 inches at a maximum pressure of 85 BAR, we leave no room for compromise. Trust Fuel Flex for rigorous, precision testing.

Mobile Test Trailers: Hose Testing On-the-Go

Fuel Flex’s mobile test trailers are your on-the-go solution for hose testing and maintenance. Equipped with spare parts for composite and rubber hoses, dry break systems, API couplers, and exchange units, we offer testing for hoses from ½ inch to 12 inches, with pressures up to 21,500 psi. Our comprehensive services include inspections, maintenance, recertification, and more.

Open-Door Policy: Visit Our State-of-the-Art Facility

We invite all our valued customers to experience our commitment to excellence firsthand. Located at our new international standard factory on 6 Clark Street, Alrode, we offer an open-door policy for scheduled visits. Witness the craftsmanship behind our hoses during a guided tour, and see why we proudly claim to make the best hoses in the industry. At Fuel Flex, we’re ready to back it up with transparency and quality.