Technoshield® Spray-Out Protection Guards

Applicazioni Tecniche (AT) is an Italian engineering company, specialized in designing and manufacturing protective systems for the hazardous process industry and has grown to become a global expert and supplier piping safety related matters.

Technoshield® is the most advanced preventative control system able to minimize spray-out energy and chemical fluids as well as maximize personnel and environmental safety.

Relying on highly specialised technical staff and a cutting-edge prototyping department, AT is now the chosen partner of many major international companies.

Typical spray-out causes:

  • Peak pressures in piping systems
  • Vibrations and shocks within the piping system during operation
  • Inappropriate or inaccurate torque on bolts
  • Flange misalignment
  • Thermal cycles and thermal relaxation of fixings
  • Corrosion

Some of the risks associated with accidental spray-outs:

  • Injuries to personnel
  • Damage to surrounding environment
  • Environmental pollution
  • Fires and explosions

Technoshields - TSCT Type

Technoshields - TSCT Type

The TSCT Type Spray-Out Protection Spray Guards are used to protect personnel from uncontrolled spray-out from failing flange joints, valve stems and expansion joints amongst many other applications.

Features / Specifications:

  • High resistance glass fabric matrix provides unique mechanical strength
  • Fibres are impregnated with pure Teflon for excellent chemical resistance / compatibility
  • Utilised in many applications such sulphuric acid (H2SO4), nitric acid (HNO3), caustic soda (NaOH), mineral oils, etc.
  • Temperature range of between -200°C up to +250°C
  • The Technoshield® material is opaque in colour so an ETFE and transparent window is included for visual inspection

Technoshields - Fabric Type

The standard Fabric Type products use multiple layers of high performance fabrics to be wrapped around flanges. Steady positioning is guaranteed by high endurance tightening cords.


Technoshield® is composed of high endurance fabrics that provide a unique strength against mechanical stresses. The fabric is scientifically researched and technically tested to be thin, resistant and outstandingly safe. It resists up to 250°C and has the widest range of resistance to chemicals.

These systems are designed to be suitable both for internal and external environments. Available materials are: FG-PTFE, Pure PTFE, PVC, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene.

Optional: leakage visual indicator, drainage and transparent window. Other bespoke options are also available to meet customer-specific requirements and specifications.

Technoshield® - Metallic Type

Metallic Technoshields are best-in-class as a result of superb engineering by the Applicazioni Tecniche design team.

  • For demanding environments (higher pressure and temperature) solid and metal Technoshield® is the best choice
  • Laser-machined and fine welded parts made from stainless steel 304 or 316
  • Optional: drain, locking system and gasket
  • Other bespoke options are also available to meet customer-specific requirements and specifications

Technoshield® Applications:

Tailor-made solutions:

Applicazioni Tecniche (AT) is capable of providing safety spray-out systems for a variety of shapes and components used in the process industries, delivering the highest standard of safety to the customer’s plant.

Over the years, AT has created a specific know-how and database of all drawings and applications performed on: valves, extra standard flanges, pumps and a variety of other components.

This allows AT to adjust its assistance and products to the specific requirements of the customer.

Information required:

  • Type of fluid (MSDS)
  • Temperature and pressure
  • Dimensions
  • Norm PN
  • Item brand and part number for process items such as valves
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