The KLAW Breakaway Coupling (BAC) will instantaneously shut both upstream and downstream media flow and separate when the designated load / KN rating is exceeded.

The Breakaway Coupling is therefore designed to be the designated point in a transfer system that responds to emergency events such as a drive-offs.

To ensure maximum flow rates/minimum pressure drops, the KLAW Breakaway Coupling uses the Flip-Flap Valve; this delivers faster and safer transfers and lower transfer times.

The KLAW range is available with different types of end connections: including flanged, threaded and weld prep.

KLAW Marine Breakaway Couplings

KLAW Marine Breakaway Couplings

Designed for the safe transfer of fluids and gases between supply vessels and rigs, the KLAW Marine2 is the shortest and lightest Marine Breakaway Coupling on the market.

Sizes: 2” DN50 to 8” DN200

Industrial Breakaway Couplings

KLAW Industrial Breakaway Couplings

Designed for both land and shore-to-ship transfer of all types of liquids, gases and hazardous chemicals.

Typical applications include road tanker, rail car and pipelines.

Sizes: ½” DN13 to 12” DN400

Industrial Breakaway Couplings

Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings

KLAW Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings

Designed for the transfer of all different types of cryogenic industrial gases, including LNG, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, Ethylene and Ethane; suitable for temperatures down to -196°C.

Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings

Non-Closure Couplings

KLAW Non-Closure Couplings

The KLAW Non-Closure Coupling has no internal valves but still retains a break point in the transfer line. Non-Closure Breakaway Couplings are ideal where permissible and managed spill volume is designed into the transfer system.

Typically used for liquids where spillage is permitted, such as milk.

Emergency Release Couplings (ERCs)

KLAW Emergency Release Couplings (ERCs)

The ERC offers the ability to manage a controlled activation either by cable, hydraulic or dual release. To maximise flow efficiency, the KLAW ERC uses the same Flip-Flap design as the KLAW Breakaway Coupling.

The collar release mechanism on the KLAW ERC means less force is required to activate when compared to the breakaway coupling. Much less strain is therefore placed on the other components within the transfer system.

Sizes: 2” DN50 to 12” DN400

KLAW ERC options:

  • Spring Release: for smaller loading arms
  • Cable Release: the cable is attached to the ERC and a fixed point suitable to withstand activation load
  • Hydraulic Release: controlled with hand pump or Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
  • Dual Release: cable and hydraulic control.
  • Cryogenic ERCs: Designed for LNG and other cryogenic gases
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